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Medical Consultation


An initial consultation is undertaken to gain a full insight into health history, diet, lifestyle and stress factors. When questioned about your medical history it is your responsibility to disclose information as requested. This is essential as a prerequisite to enable an appropriate treatment option to be chosen and an effective treatment plan to be formulated. The therapy you have chosen to receive will then be thoroughly explained to you, including the short and long-term effects. Where appropriate, we will work in conjunction with your GP or specialist.

The duration and frequency of treatments will depend on the severity of the condition, whether it is chronic or acute, lifestyle factors and any current medication. First consultation and treatments will last from 1½ to 2 hours, thereafter ¾ to 1 hour. Health improvements that may be seen might need to be ‘topped up’ with regular treatments.

All the treatments available may help to improve overall condition and function, increase energy, improve sleep and restore physical and emotional balance. The therapies offered aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.

You do not have to be unwell to reap the benefits from these holistic treatments. They might be an effective way of improving and maintaining health and reducing everyday stress and tension.

To find out more about booking a consultation, please contact us

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