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"Before visiting Carol-Ann I was very unwell. I didn't know what was wrong with me but I just couldn't function in everyday life. I would turn up to work and people would tell me I looked like a zombie because I had absolutely no energy. This wasn't a tiredness feeling, this was pure exhaustion. Due to the not knowing of what is wrong with me, I was mentally struggling and suffered from depression, all adding to my ailments. It wasn't until my dad spoke with a friend about what was going on with me and he said it sounds like she has ME/CFS which my son suffers from. He said that his son visited Carol-Ann with similar symptoms and has changed his life around.


The first meeting I had with Carol-Ann was her assessment to determine what actually was wrong with me. She informed my doctors of the blood tests I would need to have in order to eliminate any other causes for my symptoms. When all of these came back clear, it was very evident it was ME/CFS.

The treatment had started and I didn't start to feel any effects for a while. During this time, she advised my work that I would need an occupational health review. This resulted in a cut down of hours and working from home. After a couple of months of treatment and the reduced stress and energy, I started to notice a difference. This wasn't a quick process, this took time and a lot of investment from Carol-Ann and myself. I had to continue my own treatment at home as well as attend appointments.

She has not only taught me how the body works and the processes it has, but she has taught me many life lessons. During our treatment sessions, she really invests time into finding out about you and your life. With this condition, people who have not suffered from it or studied it, do not truly know what is going on. Even you, at the time do not know what is going on. She helps you to understand what's happening to your body and helps you realise that others probably aren't going to know what you are going through as it's an 'invisible' illness, but that it's OK. She provides absolutely sound advice that helps me with day to day life which will continue to help me.

I would like to thank Carol-Ann for the amazing work she does in turning people's lives around and for helping to get me back to living my life."


"My Dear Carol-Ann, thank you so much for all your help and support over the last 14 years. You are always there no matter what the problem. You are my guardian angel and always manage to sort out my problems. I am so thankful"


"Dear Carol-Ann,

I first came to see you back in 2010, when my (now) wife recommended you to me. I had been suffering with chest pains for over 6 months. My Doctor had referred me to a Consultant Cardiologist In London, who scanned and monitored my heart and wasn't sure what was going on. Needless to say I was terrified.


I visited you and you listened to my story and asked questions both the Doctor and Cardiologist had failed to and thought that I may have damaged some tissue in my breast when operating some equipment. After 2 minutes or working on me, you freed some tethered tissue and my chest pains were instantly gone. Since that day, I have seen you for many ailments, in fact I place you at the top of my getting well list, with far higher esteem than I give the medical profession, i.e. my Doctor. I have suffered with my back giving way at least a couple of times a year for many years but since I have started to see you once a month for maintenance on my back, shoulders etc, I no longer have these back issues.

As I have said to you, we need to be able to clone you as the world at large would be a better and healthier place if there were more Carol-Anns! The fact that myself, my mother, and father, my wife, her sister and brother in law have all used your services is a testament alone to how great you are."


"I have been suffering with Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for 15 months, and am now far more able-bodied now than I was 10 months ago. I put this predominantly down to the Perrin Technique and Carol-Ann.


I was initially very sceptical and cautious of what PT claimed to do, however logical it sounded to me. Nevertheless, I have been converted. I would recommend Carol-Ann to anyone, with total confidence in her ability and holistic capabilities. Carol-Ann has great empathy with her clients and sees them as individuals and hence will treat them accordingly and does not simply react to a script. The Perrin Technique has assisted me greatly in many ways both physically and mentally. I am now able to walk up stairs (rather than crawl), and brain fog, nausea and vertigo have been banished. I am able to read books again and no longer require sleep in the daytime. The Perrin Technique empowers you to take on the responsibility to heal yourself with assistance of the therapist. In short, Carol-Ann, the Perrin Technique and myself are getting me back to being who I was, but strangely stronger for the journey.

Carol-Ann, thank you so very much for the caring, support, knowledge and understanding. I know this is your job but you give so much more as you truly support the whole being."


"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003. My symptoms had been developing since childhood, getting significantly worse until I became very ill about 6 years ago after a stressful episode in my life. I collapsed and was no longer able to function normally. I couldn't work, had no social life and found day-to-day living a struggle.


I spent years going to the doctors with problems including chronic constipation, repeated thrush type symptoms, indigestion, migraines, heavy and aching limbs, repetitive strain injury symptoms and a pounding heart and palpitations. I remember thinking this was not normal, but at that stage was dealing with problems in isolation rather than thinking they were part of a syndrome. I found treatment of my symptoms ineffective. Finally a locum GP sent me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and prescribed Amitryptaline. It was a relief to finally know what was wrong, but depressing to think I had to live with this illness for which there was no real help or cure. I then spent a few years trying different treatments, and through pacing myself and altering my diet, my symptoms improved slightly. When I became pregnant with my first child, I struggled in early pregnancy and after she was born. I found it difficult to feed her and settle her due to aching and pains through my hands, arms and shoulders.


I discovered the Perrin Technique through my sister who had got her health back again through this treatment. I started the Perrin Technique when my second child was about 6 months old and Carol-Ann was able to adapt the treatment to allow me to continue breastfeeding. After a few sessions, I noticed the chronic constipation I had suffered with since childhood improving and this continued to improve with treatment such that I haven't needed to take any laxatives since. I have experienced a gradually improvement of all my physical and mental symptoms. It enabled me to better care for and enjoy caring for my second baby. Carol-Ann has a wide knowledge of health issues and alternative health treatments, and I have felt very confident in her care right from the beginning and that I would get better. She is able to tailor-make the treatment to you as an individual. As well as the Perrin Technique, she used herbal medicines and other supplements and treatments. In addition, she is very understanding and has offered me lots of useful advice on how to manage my life better and cope with stress. I need to continue with the Perrin Technique exercises, organise my life carefully so I don't overload myself and keep to a healthy diet.


I would now describe myself as symptom-free. I feel I am leading a full life and enjoying looking after my two girls and looking forward to my future. I no longer think about my health, nor does it stop me from doing what I want to do. The treatment is a drug-free, natural and healthy treatment of fibromyalgia which I can ultimately manage myself.


I am grateful to Carol-Ann for enabling me to get my life back again and would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering with fibromyalgia, ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"


"I have suffered from lymphoedema for about seven years following an operation for breast cancer. When the problem was first diagnosed, I was advised by my surgeon and breast cancer nurse to go to a clinic which specialised in the treatment of the condition. At the clinic I was told that the only treatment available was to fit me with a tight fitting sleeve and glove which should prevent the worsening of the situation. However in my case, this only exacerbated the condition and despite attempts at fitting innumerable sleeves and gloves the swelling gradually built up.


Eventually, someone told me about Manual Lymphatic Drainage and the organization MLD UK put me in touch with Carol-Ann Barrett. Carol-Ann is an extremely knowledgeable and utterly professional practitioner. She has treated me for almost seven years and has not only kept the lymphoedema under control using MLD techniques but her ability to apply tape to the arm in such a way as to facilitate the continuing draining of the excess fluid means that, apart from heavy lifting, I can lead a normal life.


I am very aware of the seriousness of Lymphoedema, if allowed to get out of control, and have no doubt that my situation would be very different had I not received treatment from such a skilled practitioner as Carol-Ann."


"After a traumatic personal experience a close friend recommended that I went to Carol-Ann. I cannot find words to communicate how much she has helped me. I love my reflexology and have discovered the most relaxing facial that includes lymphatic drainage just heaven, to the extent that I have recommended Carol-Ann and her healing hands to numerous friends and family including my daughter and husband, all of whom are in different stages of their life or individual predicaments.


I am also constantly amazed and extremely grateful for Carol-Ann's knowledge and logic about the natural way to heal the mind and body, not to mention her words of wisdom, totally unbiased, unphased and tactful. My only difficulty is what complementary therapy to choose at each appointment nearly two years on."


"I have had lymphoedema in my left arm and hand as a result of surgery for breast cancer eight years ago. Carol-Ann Barrett has treated me with MLD during that time and has been very successful in preventing a worsening of the situation. However, although MLD makes a fairly dramatic impact on the swelling it needs to be done very frequently in order to maintain the results. I am now receiving Hivamat treatment from Carol-Ann and, not only are the results more dramatic than the MLD alone but are longer lasting. To my absolute delight, I have recently been asked on two occasions, how It is that my lymphoedema is "cured" and indeed, a lot of the time, there is barely a discernable difference between the two hands. It is a very impressive treatment."


"What a find! Over ten years ago, I had cancer treatment that left me with a lingering lymphoedema condition in my left leg. Some research led to my discovery of Hands2Health and the wealth of knowledge and experience that Carol-Ann has to offer.

I now attend Carol-Ann’s practice every month for Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage. Her deep understanding and holistic approach mean that she has been able to work with me in tailoring a range of MLD techniques to manage my lymphoedema. As a consequence, I have been able to remain active, playing cricket and golf, and undertaking long distance walking, cross country skiing and numerous other adventures since first being diagnosed.

Carol-Ann has been able to offer me advice on Simple Lymphatic Drainage (self massage), compression garments, nutrition, vitamins and supplements. She has also been immensely helpful to me in asking the right questions of other healthcare professionals about ongoing monitoring and treatment of my condition, as well as about treatment for unrelated injuries that I have sustained from time to time.

I have recommended Carol-Ann to several close relatives and friends for guidance on handling different conditions and cannot speak highly enough of her approach and treatments. Thanks to her care and know-how, I feel confident and positive about my wellbeing and the many opportunities that life has to offer."


"I cannot thank you enough for referring me to my GP when you did in 2015

My appointment with you at that time was simply for remedial back massage. You were concerned however over a particular pain I had in my lower abdomen and which I had not treated seriously enough to go to my GP. You kindly wrote a letter to my GP explaining the problem and asking him/her for an urgent appointment with me. My ensuing blood test revealed an extremely high PSA level which prompted the NHS to act swiftly with scans and biopsies. I was shocked to then be informed that I had prostate cancer at a locally advanced stage. I was immediately placed on hormone treatment for three years which initially with several weeks of radiotherapy has thankfully brought the cancer well under control.

Although I can not fault the NHS for their swift action, I feel that without your concern and advice I might not be here today."


"I was recommended by staff at the Rivers Hospital to seek out Carol-Ann and the Hands2Health team some three years ago because I was suffering from severe lymphedema. From the outset at our first meeting, Carol-Ann confronted me with a truth – that my legs were bad, but that she would attempt to address my problem and, en route, that she would endeavour to enhance my quality of life and my health by and through her clinical skills and expertise. Three years later I am convinced she performed a minor miracle with respect to my lymphedema. It was not only the clinical care and support she provided and kept me in good spirits, it was the massive support and expertise she provided with respect to negotiating with my GP and referring me to a consultant to confirm that she could apply compression bandages and have appropriate stocking support – made to measure – which proved a significant factor in my recovery from this condition.


I remain one of her patients today because of a back injury I sustained where she, and another member of her team, Danielle, are assisting me to overcome a severe spinal infection. Indeed, it was through the direct intervention of  Carol-Ann and Daniel that they insisted on my GP arranging for an MRI scan, which revealed the fact that I had an infection.


What I have learned to appreciate is that the Hands2Health team recognise the necessity of undertaking a holistic approach to a person’s well-being. I owe a tremendous debt to the Hands2Health team for their care, concern and clinical expertise and would recommend them, unreservedly. Thank you"


“0ver the last 11 years Carol-Ann has treated several musculo-skeletal problems that I have had with competence and sympathy. I see her on a regular basis to keep my problems in check and she always gives excellent advice on diet and supplements too”

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